Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Dental Online Presence

Here is a link to an interesting online article that I found on Dentistry IQ, just published yesterday “How to Monitor Your Dental Social Media Campaign. If you are a dentist today, you need to have a unified dental online presence and you need to monitor it regularly. This article gives you a starting point on how to do that.

In addition to what they say, here are some of my insights:

                Use testing. Use standardized A/B testing to determine what keywords and meta descriptions to use. Use two different layouts then use Google Analytics to determine which form gives you the most click-throughs. Remember that this is a dynamic process. What works today might not work tomorrow. You need to actively monitor this and change it as needed, an old saying goes, “If you’re standing still you are backing up”.

                Determine what keywords people use when they search for you and be sure that these keywords show up in your title, page title, meta description and keyword list.

                Use the proper metrics. You can try to follow so many metrics that you get “paralysis by analysis”. Find a few key metrics that are useful to you and monitor them carefully. At the same time, don’t be afraid to modify or change the metrics that you use, remember that the internet is very dynamic

                As the article says, “don’t be afraid to outsource”. Things are changing so rapidly and new tools are evolving so quickly that you may need to hire someone to monitor and modify your dental online presence for you. If you do hire someone, be sure they are actively monitoring all aspects of your appearance online. If you don’t see regular action concerning your presence, find a new company to do the job. All too often, once the sale is made the effort stops.

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