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A Dearth of Customer Service

A Dearth of Customer Service

A Rant 

If one believes what they read in a business magazine or when to listening to commercials, today’s companies are overflowing with stories of exemplary customer service. However, the real life experience is much less than exemplary. Let’s detail a single day. Continue reading

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A Short List of Fundamental Business Concepts


Businesses often get lost in the day to day routine of operations. We get mired in the endless details that we think must be accomplished. It gets confusing and leads to sluggishness and inefficiency. When you are overwhelmed by minutiae, red tape and rules, read over these basic business concepts. It will help you understand what is important and essential to your business operations. Continue reading

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Here’s a great article on leadership. I found it in a terrific website, SmartBrief, a B2B news consolidator. They have pages of great articles that have been gleaned from other sources, they also have some original content. In addition, you can choose to have them push you emails with links to articles that fit your interests. I think you’ll find this site useful.

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Collaboration and Empowerment, a Pathway to Greater Freedom

Originally Published in “The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association”

When we’re presented with a problem we’re often inclined to try and work it out on our own. After all, everything that we accomplished during the course of dental school was achieved individually. We need to realize, however, that positive outcomes multiply exponentially as minds are added arithmetically. Like sticks in a bundle, more minds equal strength that is disproportionate to the quantity added. Continue reading

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An Unfinished Symphony

We were at an expensive, “fine dining” restaurant last night and had a wonderful meal. We ordered a dessert and two coffees and due to the poor performance of that last piece of service, a great experience was turned into an average one. Continue reading

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Watch Your Overhead……But Concentrate on Your Production

In his latest article on dental practices in Dental Economics, Roger Levin talks about dental practice overheads. The point of his article is that overheads are too high and dentists should do more to reduce them. His survey shows that GP overheads run just north of 75%. He asserts that if a dentist could reduce their overhead by only 5% on a $1,000,000 gross revenue practice they could increase their profit margin by $50,000. This is true, whatever you don’t pay out to others, you put in your pocket. However, the question becomes, where do I find $50,000 per year to cut out of my expenses? Continue reading

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