Business Basics

A Dearth of Customer Service

You have to fight to purchase and use a company’s product. This isn’t customer service, it is “use the customer and their data to make me rich”. Continue reading

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A Short List of Fundamental Business Concepts

Without the energy, stimulation and growth provided by new product development, the business will stagnate and fail. Continue reading

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An Unfinished Symphony

We were at an expensive, “fine dining” restaurant last night and had a wonderful meal. We ordered a dessert and two coffees and due to the poor performance of that last piece of service, a great experience was turned into … Continue reading

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Watch Your Overhead……But Concentrate on Your Production

In his latest article on dental practices in Dental Economics, Roger Levin talks about dental practice overheads. The point of his article is that overheads are too high and dentists should do more to reduce them. His survey shows that … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy

Originally Published in “The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association” My daughter and son in law recently bought a new business. As part of their financing package they got a loan from the Small Business Administration. They were, of course, required to … Continue reading

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An Associate’s Ethical Dilemma

Originally published in “The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association”, April, 2012 Do you remember when you were in junior high school? The teacher had given an exam and you did quite well on it, but some of your other classmates … Continue reading

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