Here are three habits to eliminate before you start your leadership journey. Continue reading

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Collaboration and Empowerment, a Pathway to Greater Freedom

Originally Published in “The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association” When we’re presented with a problem we’re often inclined to try and work it out on our own. After all, everything that we accomplished during the course of dental school … Continue reading

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Watch Your Overhead……But Concentrate on Your Production

In his latest article on dental practices in Dental Economics, Roger Levin talks about dental practice overheads. The point of his article is that overheads are too high and dentists should do more to reduce them. His survey shows that … Continue reading

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The Pleiades View

Pleiades is a star cluster that you’ll see high in the sky this time of the year. Together with Orion It’s one of my favorites. It looks a lot like a small “big dipper”, an oxymoron but a good description … Continue reading

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Management, Leadership and Teamwork

Are you a manager, a leader, or are you both? What are good management techniques, how does one become a good leader? All of these are things that you should be contemplating. I have some suggestions that I think will … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy

Originally Published in “The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association” My daughter and son in law recently bought a new business. As part of their financing package they got a loan from the Small Business Administration. They were, of course, required to … Continue reading

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